Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Consistency of Change

We had a missionary couple speak at our church this past Sunday; they are missionaries to indigenous groups in Mexico.
"The only thing consistent in my life is change." she spoke to the crowd.
I laughed because well, that's hilarious. Then I realized that is my life, to a tee. We have discussed my hatred for all things change and if we haven't, we have discussed my love for all things control which basically means, I hate change. I haven't written in a while and well, I really have no excuse. The only one that I do have is a crappy one; I am a busy lady! Change has been a flowin' and I have tried my hardest to keep up and well, my writing got lost in the middle somewhere.
Let me give you an inside glimpse in bullets...
  • We celebrated Elle's 1 year in heaven- fabulous time but came with some emotions I did not expect; happiness, joy and a bit of relief. I am still trying to figure all those out and still love and cherish my beautiful baby.
  • We had to say goodbye to amazing friends; that I did blog about so no sense in reliving that mess
  • Wesley's job schedule changed back to afternoons which BLOWS...1 to 10 again...U G H
  • I started watching the most wonderful little lady 3 days a week...she's awesome but working again is taking some getting used to
  • We are elated to announce that we are officially filling out the mounds of paperwork for our first adoption. The smiles on our faces could not even be wiped off if anyone tried. This is fantastic but also a full-time job, for real.
  • We also just became youth sponsors and are helping lead our youth group since they are youth pastorless at the time being. This has been more amazing than we imagined it would be...the stress level and the fun level have been taken to new heights.
  • Wesley is also beginning to take some online classes for more knowledge about the bible and that is added happiness but also loss of control, money and the thought that we had a clue what God was planning to do with our lives.
  • Back to the adoption bullet...did I mention also a loss of money, control and the thought that we had a clue what God was planning to do with our lives? Yeah that applies here too...
  • My sister and her husband left us here in Ohio while they pursue God's call in Missouri...that is awesome and craptastic at the same time.
  • The Walk for the Angels is coming up and while I am not involved in the planning of this day whatsoever, it still stresses me out, because I'm a freak...let's all say it together.
  • And to top it all off, I have no time to spend with my nephews because I'm busy stressing about all this other stuff...and well, that just stinks. We facetimed the other day, even though they live like 10 minutes to the left of us, and Kyle said "You can come to our house, cuz we are here!" Oh, my love for them grows every day...and my heart breaks when I don't make time for them.
So, there is my whininess...aren't you happy you read today? You were looking for encouraging and uplifting and all you got was whining. :) So, just so you know all this change is turning out to be pretty awesome. God is moving and changing and whispering in ways that we never thought he would, ya think ya know a guy... I do want to encourage and uplift today so I will say this...embrace the change. Embrace it! It doesn't feel good, I know. I've had a lot of it but, it's good for you. God is creating something beautiful out of all the change that is going on around you and he is just so excited about it and He's waiting for you to get on board. It took me a few weeks to adjust but I am slowly starting to get it. It takes me a while, people.
Jeremiah 17:7 But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.
Love this verse and love that Biblegateway capitalizes LORD...awesome! Change surrounds but I will trust in Him; He is my hope and my confidence. I love you guys and I miss you and I make no promises because well, life is crazy! :) I hope you are enjoying your journey as much as we are enjoying ours!
Thank you Lord for change... You know how many years it has taken for me to be able to say that. I love you and I pray for change in every reader's life. I pray you will cause change that will cause them to grow in leaps and bounds spiritually. You are so crazy and I love sitting back and watching all that you are orchestrating in each life. Keep me joyful, keep me peaceful and keep me humble...
Elle's Mommy


Ash said...

I pray for you guys every night! I am so honored to be able to see and read your amazing journey!

Hannah Rose said...

It's great to have a life update! :)

Sounds like lots if going on...wish I could walk there with you in The Walk for The Angels in honor of both our girls.

I am just like you...change is SO hard for me. I was just telling a friend that today. Every year of my life, literally everything changes. Big changes. Hard changes...when I just want things to stay the same. I think it's the goodbyes, the missing of what once was that hurts.

Thank you so much for this post. It is perfect for my life right now and a sweet reminder from Jesus that I can trust Him with my present and my future. He wants to be in it ALL. And He has a plan with all that change. I need to get out of my comfort zone and make Him my ONE true source of comfort and fulfillment!

Love and hugs always!!! <3