Saturday, May 18, 2013

Six months of L O V E

It has been six months. . . 


I cannot. 

I haven't posted pictures up here of you in a long while so I thought I would share those with all of our readers. You are so darn cute and so darn worth sharing. . .

You are now officially Isaiah Samuel, made official by the state of Florida and the state of Ohio on April 16th, 2013. I did not think that day would mean very much to me. In my heart and mind you were already mine, nothing was going to make that go away. But, that day meant very much to me. It came and with it came all kinds of nervousness and all kinds of emotions. It came with sadness and joy, it came with thoughts of Kaci (your birth mom) and Aldo (your birth father), it came with thoughts of responsibility and fear of the unknown. It came with all kinds of emotions that I thought had all been sorted out. 

You are now ours. You slobber all over. You sleep in our bed sometimes. You smile more often than not. You giggle. You look for us. You cry for us. You babble. You sleep so well anywhere, just like your mama. You watch cartoons with daddy. You stick your tongue out. You will start real food today. You play in your exersaucer. You brings toys to your mouth. You are a master roller. You love to be tickled. You are curious. You love everyone. You have the deepest brown eyes. You have a mohawk that is awesome. You love your Uncle Danny, he gets some pretty awesome giggles. You splash during bath time. You give the best snuggles. You love it when we sing you to sleep. You are loved deeply. You are our Isaiah Sammy.

We can't believe it. 

We thank God for you each and every single day. We beg him to teach us and show us every single step to take. We need to know what to do. We have NO idea what we are doing. We are loving you the way he loves us and that's all we know to do. We trust that the journey God has for you is a mighty one; one with many trials and many bumps but also many joys and many triumphs. We love you Isaiah Sammy from beginning to end, from top to bottom, from inside to the moon and all the way back a million times over! 

Mama and Daddy

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MJ said...

I can't believe our babies are 1/2 a year old!!! I love all these pictures of your happy baby. Finalization day was odd for me. I thought it would be this big emotional day, but everything happened so quickly that it was just a blur. Happy half birthday to Isaiah!