Thursday, October 10, 2013

Life is Gorgeous

I figure it's been a good, long while since I've posted some pictures of our bub man here so I will get to it! I apologize for the delay and hope you enjoy these pictures of his gorgeousness as a peace offering... :) 

Mr. Isaiah Sammy...10.5 months old! And, no that is not a wig...amazing head of gorgeous hair!
 Pj's and this incredible Monster hoodie

 Yes, he eats all by himself now, a big boy!

 He loves to see mama or daddy in the morning!

This is his prized possession...he ADORES it! 
 This is Isaiah's sweet cousin, our little Liam! He was blowing me kisses :)

love love love him 

 some swing time at the park...he was laughing and laughing! heavenly sounds!

 his smile behind that swing is priceless!

 I told you he was gorgeous 

 blurry but adorable :)

We hope you are having a fantasticly gorgeous week! 

Elle and Isaiah's mommy


Naomi said...

He is WAY adorable!! Seriously one of the cutest kids i've seen! I so enjoy your blog and instagram! Hugs!!


Mattie said...

I love his big hair! He is such a little doll. How is your heart doing with November coming up? Mine is a tangled up mess already!

Tracy Myers said...

Love this kid. Keep posting pics for those like me who,live far away. Love seeing this miracle