Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Walking it Out

We walked on Saturday, October 13th for our Ellersley and our baby moo and many other sweet babies that dance with Jesus in heaven. We joined over 450 other people for our Walk for the Angels. It is an annual event put on by an A M A Z I N G grief support group that supported Wesley and I after the birth and death of our Ellersley. We adore them and the bonds that were formed in those precious months after Elle's passing will never be broken. We may only see them once a year but it is a precious time that we cherish! 

This year was extra special because we got to take Isaiah and well, that had me in tears a lot of the day. I was very emotional and I was forcing myself to hold my tears in almost all day. I loathe crying in front of others...that hideous pride of mine. Isaiah loved it; he adores new people so he was just in heaven seeing so many people and being in a new place. He got to meet all of our old friends and they all loved seeing his cuteness. It was a great day remembering Elle and little moo and all that God has done for our family in this life after death. 

 We took this family picture the morning of the walk because our daddy had a cross country meet he had to coach...he couldn't come to the walk and we were very sad but it's his job so we obliged happily! :)
 Our Uncle Rob and Aunt Rara and sweet baby Liam!
 Isaiah Sammy with his Walk shirt and his pin for Ellersley!
 so so blessed to be his mama <3 br="">
 Walkin' it out!

 It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day! So gorgeous that I was a bit shocked and Isaiah was sweating since I thought it was October in Ohio and it turned out to be June... :)

 Isaiah got tired of the stroller, he wanted to walk some too :)
 He loves to send balloons to sissy!
 He's kissing it! :)

 sweet friends :)

 sending our balloons away with lots of hugs and kisses :)
 He watched them float away forever :) such a sweetie...

 so so silly and so happy
 i love him
my sweet, sweet friend...Erica :)

We had a blast and we hope that your October has been wonderful as you remember and honor the sweet babies that you cannot hold. We will continue to pray that God's everlasting peace would surround each and every family of loss...

Much love,

Elle and Isaiah's Mommy


Naomi said...

beautiful post. I love the pictures of all the balloons floating up to the sky...

Kara Smith said...

I absolutely ADORE your blog. Thank you for being so willing to be open and honest about your life, your family and your relationship with God. I truly appreciate how real you are!

Anonymous said...

I love your updates, and your beautiful family. I love the tribute that you pay to Elle every day of your lives. It reminds me of my oldest brother, who passed a few days after his premature birth. Unfortunately, my parents never spoke of him really, I have no memory of it except a "you had an older brother" once or twice growing up.

Its so great that Isaiah grows up learning about his older sister. You guys are such wonderful parents, and I admire your family greatly.