Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Beautiful Ellersley

My Beautiful Ellersley,
             There are barely words to describe how much I love you and how thankful I am for you. It has grown, my love and thankfulness; I didn't believe that was possible. You, my sweet, made me a Mommy. You started it all. You made my heart grow and my soul love deeper than ever before. You taught me how to trust, how to cherish and how to keep going. If you had not come, I may have not learned those things.
You, my love, have made me brave. Today I am choosing Joy, strength and peace because of you and our Jesus. Isn't he so fabulous? He gave you to Daddy and I and we thank him every single day. I want you to know that I love you from the depths of my innermost being. You are a part of me and I will carry you forever.
I will NEVER forget you. I will never forget how you felt inside or what you looked like at that first ultrasound. I will never forget your smooth skin or your little feet. I will never forget. You are our first born baby girl.
I need you to know that I am ready. It's time. Thank you for coming to me and living inside for so long. You gave me the greatest Joy!
I am ready to let you go. I am ready to remember with Joy. I am ready to let the tears fade away. I have bottled many to give to Jesus. I can't wait to hand them over to him! I will hand them over, give him a HUGE hug and scoop you up and NEVER let you go. I can't wait, my beautiful one. Your LOVE left a big mark and I thank you so much for it. It has changed me, made me new and I can FINALLY say...I am thankful.

                                I love you to the moon and back a million times over,


Wiley's Mommy said...

Wishing you a peaceful Mother's day!

Hannah Leake Mitchell said...

I have been thinking of you today, and praying that on this day you will feel His loving arms and comfort. You are a brave and faithful woman, and a precious mommy.

Tesha said...

That was so very beautiful! I am touched by your love for Jesus and your trust of him during this difficult time. You are a wonderful mommy and I pray you were celebrated to day. Happy Mother's day dear friend, I just have to tell you again how very moved I ma by your post!

mkjartist40 said...

Happy belated mothers day to an awesome woman of God! Your strength and courage are inspirational! I hope you are having a simply awesome vacation. I am so glad you are at the beach! There is something that is just so healing about spending time at the ocean. May the peace and presence of the Lord surround you and the natural beuty that God created bring JOY to your heart and Wesleys! we love you guys!!!

mkjartist40 said...

Happy Belated Mothers Day! I am so glad that you get to spend time at the beach. There is something so healing about being at the ocean. I pray that you will be surround by Gods peace and love and that there, in all the natural beauty and wonder that HE created you are finding JOY. Your strength and courage and honesty are inspirational to all who know you!!! we love you!!!

Kristy said...

Beautiful. You can see your love with your words!

Kacie said...

Your sweet Ellersley Grace is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing her with us!