Thursday, August 2, 2012

Heaven and Earth Become One

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So, we sang this song at church on Sunday. I was actually sitting in worship practice just listening and these words came out of Wesley's mouth.

Here in Your Presence, Heaven and Earth become one.

I let that sink in. Heaven and Earth become one, in His Presence.
People have asked us what reminds us of Ellersley and when we feel her near the most. There are physical things that remind us of that sweet baby girl; things like turtles and pretty butterflies and a gorgeous summer sky and the big beautiful moon. But, there is one thing that is a for-sure connection to our sweet girl. There is one place that we can run to and always feel her sweet spirit close to our hearts. That place, that thing is Jesus; in His Presence.

Here in Your Presence, we are undone. Here in Your Presence, Heaven and Earth become one. Here in Your Presence, all things are new. Here in Your Presence, everything bows before you.

We know that if there is ever a time that we feel like we miss her too much and the ache is becoming unbearable, we have a place that we can go. We take a few steps into her room and sit in that chair and rest in the peace of Jesus. We read and write and pray and tell Jesus all about the ache that she left in our hearts. His peace and his strength resides in that room. He is all over it. He whispers to us there and lets us know that he is holding her and they are waiting ever-so-patiently for us to get there.

His presence is all over that room and that is my secret place but His presence is everywhere. He is felt in the warm breeze, whispering his love to me; He is felt in our sanctuary where my husband leads us into worship each Sunday and my Father-in-law pours out his heart. He is felt in the big hugs from a gorgeous little girl and sweet smiles from our nephews. He is felt on a walk through the park; looking up at the bright blue sky. He is felt everywhere and to us, that means she is felt everywhere. She is with Him! When He is near, she is near and our aching gets soothed for just a little while.

Jesus, this August is proving to be another bummer. Will August always be this way? Please say no...I want you to say no. :) Please soothe my heart today, thank you for your presence; your Holy Spirit that is always so close. Thank you for being my hiding place, the place that I can go and gain the peace and strength that I need for the day. Thank you for allowing me to meet my sweet baby girl there. The love between you and her and us is overwhelming and I can't wait to be together some day. Our ache will be but a distant memory on that day...

Elle's Mommy

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Tesha said...

Beautiful song, I really enjoyed it! I will be praying for you this August my friend. I love your love for Elle and Jesus.(((HUGS)))