Monday, August 13, 2012

The Goodness of Jesus... is the day our beautiful princess came into this world one year ago. She left a legacy even though she only lived inside of me for 7 months 1 week and 1 day. After Elle went to be with Jesus my sister and my dad brought us a journal. They said that they wanted us to write down every single good thing that happened as a result of Ellersley's passing. It was a way for us to remember and honor her but also a coping mechanism for us. It helped us to always keep in mind that God had a plan and there was a reason for all of this madness. Eventually the list turned from good-coming-about-because-of-Ellersley-passing-away to just good period. Dad and Rachel started it for us and we kept it going and I hope we always remember to write down the good. So, I wanted to share it with you...

100 pieces of good after August 13th, 2011...

1. Nick is praying and wanting to come to church
2. Uncle David is praying
3. The man Dan ministered to at McDonald's
4. Zack and Kelly...
5. Greg of Wellington doesn't know us but Elle touched his life
6. Julie of Massillon doesn't know us but Elle touched her life
7. Elle has felt no pain, sadness, grief or guilt
8. A paid for funeral and so much more
9. If Aunt Rachel hadn't gone through so many trials she would still be dyeing her hair and she wouldn't be a ginger like her niece
10. We are all trying to serve God more so we can see her again. Amen!
11. We had tickets to the Indians game, so God rained it out so we can go again
12. Nicki is fine to have babies again
13. Every single flower shop used heard our Ellersley's story
14. We have beautiful pictures of our baby girl, a blessing from God and the hospital
15. Our lives are a great testimony to so many people, a testimony of God's greatness
16. Clean bill of health from ob/gyn docs
17. Ob/gyn docs waived fees for services given at the hospital and they are refunding 100 bucks
18. Healing for us and Zack and Kelly
19. Large offering from our church family on top of all of the other money that came in
20. Beth heard about Elle and now knows that she should be thanking Jesus for His blessings
21. Dan shared with Tim and Heather's family about us and Miss Elle and how Jesus is helping us. They are unsaved and holding back tears hearing our story, Thank you Jesus!
22. Nicki was blessed to have a c-section and not to have to go through labor knowing the baby wouldn't make it.
23. Ob/gyn said the test of the placenta was totally normal and blood work was normal. There was no clotting in the placenta that they can see from blood work
24. We ordered 'I will carry You' on Wednesday and it was on our porch on Thursday
25. We received a letter of encouragement from Angie Smith
26. Daddy got a fabulous new guitar to praise Jesus for all He has done for us
27. Mommy got a camera, God has some plan for it. Only He knows
28. We paid off two old medical bills and Jesus just kept providing all the money we needed
29. Daddy's work gave a card with lots of money in it and 2 gas cards and a walmart gift card
30. We keep receiving blessings, additional money was given at church on Sunday, Sept. 4th, 2011
31. Bobby came and put the carpet down in Elle's room and he and Jen paid for the whole thing
32. Miss Elle's room is beautiful and a wonderful haven of rest and peace, a beautiful place to remember her. We love her so much!
33. Aunt Gib is ENGAGED! She is so very happy and beautiful, full of the joy of Jesus!
34. More money came in at church on Sunday, Sept. 11th, 2011
35. It looks like Elle's stone is going to be in this fall.
36. On Sunday, Sept 18th, 2011 Daddy said Mommy laughed like she used to before Elle left. Jesus is restoring the joy and healing the brokenness. I love you and I miss you!
37. Tyler told Papa that the funeral changed him; he is helping Zack and his wife more and showing the love of Jesus. You were a life-changer Miss Elle, you and Jesus!
38. Cassey seems to be changing her life for the better because of you and Jesus.
39. The boys love to see you at the cemetery, they love you just as much as they always did.
40. The GTA Support group was very nice and healing. We can't wait for the walk!
41. Daddy and I paid off our car, all from all the people who loved you so much Ellersley!
42. We went to a very nice ceremony put on by the hospital on Sunday, Oct. 9th, 2011. It was very comforting and healing!
43. We are in the middle of free counseling from Mommy's work. We are so very blessed.
44. Mommy's work is paying her for the entire time she needs off of work; that is a miracle!
45. Mommy started volunteering at the hospital on the Labor and Delivery floor.
46. Daddy has been praising Jesus every Sunday with his beautiful voice and guitar. He is leading us into Jesus.
47. The walk is this Saturday, we have about 40 people committed to being there. All for you, Ellersley, all for you! We love you sweet baby girl!
48. Nick was in church on Sunday, Oct. 9th, 2011.
49. Mommy started a blog to talk about you, Ellersley, and Jesus.
50. We walked for you yesterday! We had about 35 people or so all for you...actually over 40 people!
51. Daddy was able to talk to Janice at work about Jesus. He is able to relate to her because her husband passed away recently due to cancer.
52. Daddy's relationship with Jesus is growing and expanding! He is learning new things and growing closer to him every day.
53. The little boy who is buried next to Elle, Owen; his Mommy contacted me on our blog.
54. PLM video of our testimony came out on Oct. 28th, 2011 - your original due date!
55. Steve at PLM told Daddy and I that he is at PLM because of our podcast.
56. Women prayed over me at PLM and men prayed for brought peace and healing.
57. Daddy is better able to relate and talk to John at his work and is slowly sharing the love of God.
58. Mommy's work has been so accommodating. I am able to have off until after Thanksgiving and then go back part time until after Aunt Gib's wedding. Jesus worked it all out, he is so good!
59. Daddy feels more comfortable leading worship since our visit to PLM.
60. Your stone was put in on November 22nd, 2011. It is perfect for you and looks so beautiful. Love you sweet girl!
61. Daddy says he has less room to complain and he is thankful for the things he does have!
62. We shared our story of you with another family that lost their baby at the hospital.
63. Matt said the blog has helped him to better understand the feelings of loss his wife had during a miscarriage.
64. Daddy got a raise at work! One whole dollar!
65. Today Daddy and I were invited to do an interview with the local newspaper, they want to hear our story about you! We are honored!
66. Wayne had something to tell me from Jesus - I will have a baby and that baby will be so blessed; we are to raise the baby in church and the baby will do GREAT, GREAT things for God! We are in awe of our God! How incredible is that?!?! Thank you Lord!
67. Heather said God told her that Grandma and Grandpa's womb would be healed and so full; 10 fold! Woah!
68. Lots of people reading the blog and saying that it really speaks to them...God is truly amazing!
69. Daddy wrote a song and he is going to play it and sing it for worship tomorrow, January 29th, 2012.
70. Aunt Gib and Uncle Rob got married! It was a great day; full of joy! We had roses for you and our other loved ones...we miss you so much!
71. I shared our story of you and our hope in Jesus on Faces of Loss and it has brought lots of people to the blog which is full of Jesus!
72. Lindsaye messaged me on Facebook (Oct 2011) and told me that every night she loves her babies more and gives thanks for them because of you and our story. Amazing!
73. Jeanne, Laurie and Lisa had a beautiful blanket made for us! It has your picture on it and it's made of all of your special outfits. It is gorgeous!
74. Tamiz Photography took beautiful pictures of Daddy and I with some of your things. They are a perfect reminder of our love for you! We love you so much!
75. I got a bonus at work and we paid off our credit card! One step closer to my quit date!
76. My volunteering with the hospital ended in March 2012; God used it and I was no longer needed. Sad, but happy.
77. Daddy and I found out on Friday, March 23rd, 2012 that we now have another sweet baby forever. Baby #2 is incubating as we speak!
78. I am quitting my job after 9.5 long years! June 15th, 2012 will be my last day!
79. The blog has had over 10,000 page views since beginning in October. Amazing and all God!
80. You now have a new buddy up there; baby #2 flew to Jesus March 29th, 2012.
81. Mommy emailed Jenny Smith, the author of Life is A Gift and she wrote back. She reads our blog and loves it and loves your name!
82. People tell us almost every week how inspiring we are. We are only strong because of Jesus and because of you, little lady! We love you so much!
83. I got an email from Andrea in Wisconsin, her Pastor read our story to his congregation!
84. Daddy keeps writing beautiful songs about Jesus and our journey. We can't wait to see all He has planned for us!
85. I am two weeks out from the end of my Nationwide career! I know I have already put it in here but I AM HAPPY!!!!
86. Daddy and I vacationed with Deem folks and we had so much fun! Laughed our heads off and enjoyed Disney!
87. Cyndie reads the blog and her life has been impacted because of you!
88. Mother's Day was a wonderful day full of loving you! Daddy and I spent it on the beach, we put a message in a bottle for you beautiful baby!
89. Daddy had a wonderful Father's day!
90. I quit Nationwide Insurance on June 15th, 2012 after 9.5 years! It feels GOOOOOOOOOOD!
91. Kathy and Jaime are making a letterbox out of your story. People will hear your beautiful story for years to come! Our dream come true!
92. Daddy and I are seriously considering adoption.
93. Daddy recorded Love Always Leaves A Mark with Bill, it is beautiful and will be so awesome on the blog!
94. Daddy says you have given us a longing for heaven!
95. August 12th we celebrated you with family and friends! It was a gorgeous day full of Joy and Peace!
96. A little tiny butterfly landed right on me as we were taking pictures at your celebration!
97. Daddy and I have started the paperwork for our family's first adoption!
98. We received beautiful gifts from Grammy and Papa and Uncle Rob and Aunt Gib for your first birthday in heaven.
99. There was a beautiful meteor shower to ring in your birthday! It was gorgeous and reminded us all of just how close you and Jesus really are.
100. You are running and playing and smiling away in heaven! You are with Jesus!

We love you our sweet Ellersley Grace! We will remember your sweetness today and always! Thank you for coming and being a partner with Jesus to bring about all of this good! You are our special little lady and one day we will scoop you up again and the hugs and muahs will never end! We love you to the moon and back big girl!

Elle's Mommy and Daddy


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday precious Ellersley! <3 Hugs & prayers to you all today!!

Trennia said...

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Elle!
(((HUGS))) to your mommy and daddy.

Nicole Lerch said...

That's really awesome that you kept a journal like that. You were looking for the positives after such a traumatic event and most people just look at negatives.

Tesha said...

Happy birthday Beautiful sweet girl. What a lovely list and a lovely daughter. She has an amazing legacy! Praying for you and your husband my friend.