Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Sweet Girl

So Ellersley...Christmas is here. When Daddy and I were given the gift of you one of the first things we thought about was Christmas. Christmas this year would be full of so much Joy. We dreamt of bundling you up and driving you around to look at lights, we dreamt of going to see Santa, we dreamt of what our Christmas picture this year would look like. We dreamt of sharing Jesus with you even if you were too little to understand. We knew that this Christmas would be the best we have ever had, full of chubby, rosey cheeks and big red and green bows. We knew it would be full of parties and showing off your pretty sparkly dress. It would be full of dancing in the kitchen with Daddy to Frosty the Snowman. It would be full of decorating the tree together and taking pictures with the dogs in their Christmas sweaters. It would be Christmas Eve with Grandpa Dan and Grandma Marcia and Aunt Heather and Uncle Aaron and Uncle Nathan and Carter and Kyle. It would be Christmas Eve night spent at Grandma and Grandpa Kolp's with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Rachel and Uncle Rob. It would be Grandpa (Santa) getting all the presents situated in the morning and the fire roaring. It would be you and our family together for the first Christmas. We knew this Christmas would be different from all of the others.

This Christmas is different from all the others. You are enjoying Christmas with, what is that like? Do you have a big Christmas tree? One with lots and lots of lights like Grandma Kolp has or one with lots of pretty bows like Grandma Marcia has? Does someone drive you around to look at all the pretty lights on all the mansions up there? Do you have a pretty, sparkly dress that you get to show off at a party? Do you have pretty red and green bows? Do you get lots of presents and do you have a roaring fire? Do you get to dance to Frosty the Snowman? Do you know Santa? Or do all of these things not even matter because you are celebrating Jesus's birthday? Do you give him presents? Do you know that he came to this Earth to save us all from ourselves? Do you know that he came the same way you did? Do you know that he had a mommy that loved him so much? Do you know that he had a Daddy that loved him so much? Did someone tell you the story of Christmas?

We just want you to know, Ellersley, that we love you and we miss you more than words can express today. Our home will be quieter today than it should be. Our hearts will be heavier than they should be. Our Joy will be stifled more than it should be. We know that you are there celebrating the birth of our Savior. You are worshipping Him in the perfect place where all peace and love abide. Will you tell Him that we said Happy Birthday? Please tell Him that we said Thank you...Thank you for the peace and thank you for the Joy and thank you for the love. Tell Him thank you for sending you to us and allowing us the privilege of feeling your love and joy every single day. Tell Him we said thank you for coming here and in turn allowing us to come there. We can't wait for the day we will get to spend all of our Christmas's with you and with Him. Until then sweet Honu, have a very Merry Christmas...

He will bring us Goodness and Light,

Mommy and Daddy

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