Saturday, January 14, 2012

Picture Time!!!

So, it's cold and snowy and it's 10:13 pm and I feel the urge to post here are some of my favorites from 2011...It was a year of fun, joy, sorrow and hope :)
Most disturbing photo of 2011...but still a fuuuun day spent whale watching and snorkeling at Molokini
My brother, Danny, and his mullet...never fear it did not stay that way...for the dignity of all involved
The Mr. and I in paradise
Yeah, that's a double rainbow in Hawaii....nothing better, absolutely nothing!

Gorgeous ladies in gorgeous Maui! My body aches for you, one true love :)

That beautiful belly started growing!

and kept growing...

I loved this dress...sooo comfy and could be prettied up easily!

woooo...August 12th...hittin' the big time...

Our sweet Honu arrived August 13th, 2011!!! Her short life filled us with more JOY than we can contain!

Isn't she just the most beautiful, little lady? I can't stop staring...I mean I know I'm a bit biased but I mean come on!

Daddy and his sweet baby girl...

These crazy fools aka our nephews... love love love them!

so handsome

sometimes I like to pretend that I'm the queen of the house...but this one, yeah she puts me in my place rather quickly...we are not friends

My beautiful sissy got engaged!

We let some balloons go for our missy...

Our little dude with my sissy

We played in the rain

We bought a wedding dress and other fun things!

We walked or skipped for our sweet Ellersley

yeah he's silly

We also lit a candle, well many candles, for our little lady

This took me about 7 hours to do...or only 2 but it felt like I will post the rest tomorrow...good night and you all should comment on how awesome of a job I did posting all of these pictures haha : ) Gooooooooood night and sleep tight!



Kellie said...

Beautiful job! And thank you for sharing your life with me... I can't say that I always "enjoy" the sometimes painful content of your posts, but I do thoroughly "enjoy" the opportunity of reading and experiencing them with you. (If that makes sense??) You are a very strong and beautiful young lady and I admire you greatly! My love and prayers are always with you.

Elle's mommy said...

Thank you Kellie! I can honestly say I do not enjoy the content of my posts either, most days. Thank you so much for all of your love and all of your prayers, they are GREATLY appreciated! :)

Heather said...

Ok so your brother totally looks like he BELONGS in Hawaii, surfer dude-ish LOL!

I know you are still in pain, I know your heart aches ... I also see such hope for the future. God has delivered it to my heart about you. I know that God ministers to your heart and allows you to experience healing through this blog. I know too, that you are offering HOPE to the hopeless and LOVE to those feeling unloveable. I so frequently have overflowing tears while reading your posts and thinking of your loss. It still feels so fresh to me; I cannot begin to IMAGINE how you and Wes and your entire family are feeling.

We love you and Wes. I appreciate your honesty. Keep on Ms. Nikki. Keep on for the Lord. <3