Sunday, March 18, 2012

When God Speaks

Has God ever spoken to you? Maybe it wasn’t audible but the tears in your eyes told you that God was definitely speaking. Saturday morning was one of those moments for me, what better time for God to speak than a Saturday morning. So, my mama and I went to a Mom’s of Multiples sale in our area. Mom’s of Multiples is a club in our area for, well, mom’s of multiples! J We went last year and got tons of baby stuff for our sweet Ellersley. Seriously, if you have one in your area you should definitely go because you can get 500 bucks of awesomeness for about 150 bucks. It’s insane! Anyway, we went this year with a friend of ours who is a single mama and in need of stuff for her new baby boy coming April 1st. So we went and it made me happy to remember the great time we had last year buying for  our sweet girl and it made me sad that this year I wasn’t one of the mommies toting around my 7 month old dressed up in all her St Patrick’s Day garb. *sigh* Such is life.

Let me preface all this by telling you about the great joy that is going on in the Deem household as of late. We started fertility meds…clomid, to be exact. We hoped and prayed that Elle would throw my body into perfectness as far as cycles go but much to my dismay she did not. Silly girl. So, here we are again, same place we were before Elle arrived at about the same time of the year. So we did the clomid and the story is long and detailed, much more than most people want to know I am finding, ha. The long and short of it is this: The doc says there is a high possibility that there are 2 eggs sitting inside waiting to be fertilized and well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what that means. “Yes, there is a high possibility that you could have twins, are you ok with that?” ARE WE OK WITH THAT???!!!????  We are ok with a litter at this point lady, bring it on! So we are now in the waiting stage…are we pregnant? Am I peeing more? Do my boobs hurt? Am I grouchy? Am I tired? That last one is not really any kind of indicator because well I am always tired. J I could sleep through a tornado or just any movie ever made. It’s in the genes, you can’t blame me. So anyway, um JOY? Pretty much a whole bunch of joy going on.

So…back to the sale. So we ran around and grabbed everything under the sun and we stood in line for about an hour before we could check out. We were the special ones with the 10 HUGE items trying to drag them all around the building on our way to check out. It was quite special and I’m pretty sure we were ticking off everyone within 5 steps of us. Alas, our friend got some SERIOUS deals and I got a Bumbo with a tray for 20 bucks and it looks brand new. Now, I know you are thinking why does she need a Bumbo??? She doesn’t have a baby here. Well, I will someday and I will need a Bumbo and I just love them and it was purple ok…give me a break.

So we FINALLY got to the room where we could check out and it was finally our turn to do so. We took our treasures and placed them on the table and one of them was a honu. My mom found this green little stuffed animal turtle in the toy area and whenever there are turtles we must have them. They remind us of that sweet baby we love so much. So she handed it to the cashier and the cashier rang it up and gave it back. My mom was holding it and realized that there was something inside this little turtle…”What is in this? Something is in here.” She flipped it over and the belly of the turtle had a Velcro strip on it. She opened that up and there inside that little stuffed animal turtle were 2 little teeny tiny baby turtles. Do you have goosebumps because I seriously do. My mom pretty much screamed and instantly started crying. She looked at me and I just stared in amazement and said “What in the world?”

And then the tears came, of course, tears of Joy and tears of amazement because of a God who knows the deepest part of my heart. I have no idea if I am pregnant, I have no idea if it is twins, I have no idea if I will ever have a baby again but God does. In that moment I realized, AGAIN, that God holds our future and our baby. He was just whispering to me that he is in control and no matter what happens this life is good and full of JOY at every turn. He was, AGAIN, letting me know that he has BIG plans for our life and BIG surprises in store for us. Like I said before, I have no idea if I am pregnant or if I am having twins but another little secret…both of the teeny tiny baby turtles inside that mama had pink bows on them. Yeah…seriously.

My mama and I walked out of there with huge smiles on our faces and tears in our eyes. God is just a funny guy, a really funny guy. I got to share the story of our sweet baby Ellersley that day also. The cashiers were, of course, looking at us like we each had three heads so I told them all about a sweet girl that was born on a hot night in August. I told them how we were now trying for baby number two and there was a chance for twins and how God just spoke in the middle of that place. They had tears and goosebumps too...when God speaks the body reacts.

I hope that you are listening for God and keeping an open heart and an open mind because God can even use a turtle with 2 babies in her belly.

Elle's Mommy


Kim and Mat said...

Amen amen I am believing for two sweet baby girls!!! I am do in live with that thought! God will do amazing things!!! Love you!

Becca Dickson said...

What a sweet story Nicki! If do you end up having two adorable little girls that would be so amazing! Double the bows :) I am praying and believing for you.

Ps. That is a killer deal on a bumbo... we have the purple one too :)

Kiara Buechler said...

I too am in the 2 week wait, trying to stay calm and let what will be will be. I have serious goosebumps and tears about your turtle twins, hoping that it is for real!

Anonymous said...

For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

That's the verse that comes to mind when I hear your story.

Kathy said...

Nicki, you and Wesley are so inspiring! I love reading your blog. Thoughts, prayers, hugs and kisses sent your way! Goosebumps and chills (I am at work, so had to hold back the tears!) don't even express what I felt when I read about the baby turtles!! You will be blessed with children - God knows how awesome of a mommy that you will be!

Hannah Leake Mitchell said...

I just loved reading this tonight. During a week when I have been struggling in my faith and my ability to choose hope, your sweet turtle story was so uplifting. I am very much on the same path as you and know the joy and the sorrows you speak of. May His promises prove true in your life sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

Yes God spoke to me, with your blog! I'm commenting as annonymous only because I do not have a blog. But somehow I started reading blogs (just a year ago). My name is Amanda and I'm from Joplin, Missouri. I just had to share this story because it gave me chills when I realized what had happened. You see, I just came across your blog Monday or should I say Tuesday early morning around 3am to be exact! I woke up and just could not sleep, so I roll over to my phone and start reading blogs. I stumbled across a blog post you had commented on. So I started reading your blog. Now to back track early that day, I embarrased to say I had been feeling sorry for myself. I could go back explain, but to make a long story short there was no need to be feeling this way, and in the moment of reading your blog and feeling so sad for you, it was like I felt God all around me. And I really felt like I was brought to your blog for a reason even if it was to just remind me of how truly blessed I am and how much worse things could be. And in that moment, I prayed. I prayed harder than I ever had for people(you and your husband) that I don't even know. My heart aches for your whole family, and I just want you to know that someone in Joplin,Mo is praying for you! Hope you don't think I'm to nuts, I just felt compelled to share. God Bless you and your husband!- Amanda Cole

Blue Raven said...

Oh Nicky, reading your blog has brought me to tears. I truly believe in my heart that God was showing you the joy that is to come when he put that mommy turtle in your path. I will pray for you & your family, including the little ones in your belly.

All my love,
Karla R.