Friday, July 13, 2012

FUN Friday

This week has not been very fun...but in the spirit of fun Friday, I will try my best! :) Here are some more fabulous pictures of the beautiful yet messy lives that we lead...

Our Family Picnic-July 4th
I took baby Sylas down the slip and slide...he was less than thrilled but still so handsome

he is the cutest...seriously

Mr taking his turn at the slide...perfect shot!

This entire week was spent in the hospital, as most of you know. Here are a few shots of us trying to enjoy our time there...
handsome mr deem laying around

I can't remember what day this was but from the amount of grease on my hair, I'm gonna say day 3 with no shower :)

our view from the top

I beat him at War and well, he was not happy

I found this slap bracelet at Wal-mart today and I thought it was awesome... :)

Thank you to everyone who said some prayers for my sweet husband and our family. We are so grateful for all of you and all the love and support you have given. Wesley is doing great today, we were able to come home yesterday and things have been pretty good since then. He does have another Gastro test on Monday and we are hoping that gives some answers as to why the bleeding started in the first place. We will see. Thanks to all of you and...


Elle's Mommy

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